Abstract Art photography

A Rarity…

Interestingly enough my art rarely reflects actual people. There’s the odd suggestion or even a rough outline but that’s as far as it gets. It’s likely because do much of my efforts have been directed towards the abstract and exploring whatever the eye can’t readily see.

My foray into photography during the off season from painting have allowed me to explore that world with a great deal of amazement. The variety of styles and subject matters has almost left me speechless. There’s no inclination to switch from painting over but the adventure so far has been good to recharge the batteries.

I should be ready to display the first painting of 2021 in several weeks time once I’m almost sure it’s completed. Ironically enough I’ll have to photograph the finished work to post it anywhere.

Here’s a picture taken a few years ago of a man seated smoking in Hamburg, Germany. What I wouldn’t give to find out what he was thinking at that very moment.

Man in Hamburg, Germany


By paulkoskinen

Abstract Artist
(Occasional Amateur Photographer)

Creating Works In A Whole New Direction
Twitter: @ArtKoskinen

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