Mild Rant


I can’t speak for anyone else but ever since the pandemic started there seems to be an over abundance of time each and every day. My schedule hasn’t greatly changed since before all this so the explanation requires further analysis.

Personally, it may simply be the lack of outdoor painting that has everything thrown off. Tried to create an indoor strategy but nothing seemed to take hold. Been trying my hand at photography with my trusted iPhone but there’s likely an official limit to how many pictures we’re allowed to take of a single tree or chair. Social media has proven there’s no such limit on selfies.

So I continue my quest to be a productive member of society or at least the household. At this point I may have to pass time photographing other people’s trees.

Someone Else’s Clock

By paulkoskinen

Abstract Artist
(Occasional Amateur Photographer)

Creating Works In A Whole New Direction
Twitter: @ArtKoskinen

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