Abstract Art

Is It Too Early?

I’ve been told that during a couple of days this coming week the weather should be unseasonably warm. For myself this temptation may be far too much to bear. Here it’s a waiting game until the full-time serious painting can resume but that effort isn’t scheduled to start for 6-8 weeks!

The development of imporved temperatures could mean the opportunity to plan and carry out the completion of a piece started originally during the tail end of 2020. Theoretically that would make this the first painting of 2021! Imagine the relief of all those on social media and here who are demanding I cease recycling works from previous years under the banner of “Retrospective”.

It’s worth mentioning that the series of artwork completed during 2020 was given the banner “Borne Of Pandemic” as it’s the threat of the virus and the obvious public struggles that played an influential role. It has been recently decided that everything completed during 2021 will have the new banner “Rise From Pandemic” to convey the slowly growing sense of optimism provided by medical breathroughs and the general public finally learning what basic precations are expected of them. That last point has been harder to learn for some than Grade 12 algebra.

In all likelyhood, if everything works out, I’ll be unable to resist temptation and get back to work for at least that limited time. It’s an opportuinity I’m simply unequiped to say no to. So armed with a well thought out strategy and a small mountain of existing supplies the chances of success are indeed favorable.

I’ll let you know the end result the day it’s completed.

In the mean time, allow me to revert to my ever popular “retrospective” works.

17 – 2020


By paulkoskinen

Abstract Artist
(Occasional Amateur Photographer)

Creating Works In A Whole New Direction
Twitter: @ArtKoskinen

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