Abstract Art

Day 1 – Success

Everything worked out very well during the first official day of outdoor painting. Temperature cooperated and the breeze stayed low. Fingers crossed for today being even better!

There’s nothing like actually participating in the action of painting to get the creative gears turning. A couple of new ideas came to mind for this year’s series as well as the resolution to bid farewell to anything that’s in danger of becoming stale.

Wish I could claim the entire day was open for creating a new work but we all have obligations so it’s all a matter of making the most of the hours available. Yet there a so many possibilities to squeeze into those precious hours.

Getting back at it in a few hours and already there are plans for incorporating more supplies in Day 2. Who needs limitations at this point?

The actual finished pieces will be posted here as they become available.

Did Someone Order Art Supplies?

By paulkoskinen

Abstract Artist
(Occasional Amateur Photographer)

Creating Works In A Whole New Direction
Twitter: @ArtKoskinen

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