Still Learning

Now that the required art materials needed to continue my current style have basically disappeared from the marketplace I’ve been further working in the visual medium of photography. Sure, there have been many attempts to alter my style to better suit those supplies still available but the results have been less than inspirational.

So currently I’m photographing any number of subjects which are relatively easy to access and simply trying a slightly different approach to give the viewer something to look at from a fresh viewpoint.

I’m intrigued by the processes which occur after the initial photo has been taken. Small adjustments here and there can make a significant difference to an image; making a good photo into an almost great photo. The tricky part for me is to improve the photograph in such a way that the viewer never detects that anything has been adjusted at all.

The learning curve has been steady but rather slow at times. Progress comes primarily from regular practice using trial and error. I have complete final say as to how the picture will turn out so there’s still plenty of creative control to exercise.

It’s an interesting field that still allows me to remain in the visual arts without have to learn exhaustive amounts of material regarding something I know little about in the first place.

Not meaning to sound like a fossil but my first childhood camera was a Kodak Brownie!

This photo was originally taken in a nature preserve under the brightest afternoon sun. No, that’s not me holding the rather expensive gear. I’m all iPhone photography!

By paulkoskinen

Abstract Artist
(Occasional Amateur Photographer)

Creating Works In A Whole New Direction
Twitter: @ArtKoskinen

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