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112 – 2018

An Artist can be occasionally better understood through the trajectory their work has travelled rather than simply viewing current effort.

My own path as been varied and sometimes unusual. The evolution can be traced yearly where differences are easy to distinguish. Provided here is a sample of where my creativity was back in 2018.

112 – 2018
Abstract Art


It’s always interesting to see how an artist’s style gradually evolves over time. The trajectory can be quite remarkable when taken in the right direction.

My own style has been pushed towards finding an individuality that hopefully will set current works apart from recent trends. Eventually someone can decide how successful those efforts have been. Personally I’m still far too busy growing and developing my work in new directions,

A Piece From Late 2018

Abstract Art

Dreaming of Summer

Some may long for sunny walks on the beach while others are awaiting the first backyard BBQ. Me, I wait impatiently for painting season to kick in full-swing!

The bright sunlight with warm air makes for the ideal setting to work on the later stages of each piece. Because of my process the summer climate and plenty of ventilation are essential to success.

Truth be told, I did try long and hard to carry out the same practices indoors during the winter months but it proved too creatively stifling. Hence my foray into photography. I’ll likely do both this summer but creating a series of paintings then toiling for weeks trying to promote each of them will occupy much of my waking hours. No doubt the world of photography will breathe a sigh of relief when that day arrives!

The Start of Something New
Abstract Art

Seems Like Yesterday

It was the summer of 2018 and I’d been exchanging emails with a contact at TA2 Sound + Music in Toronto. They’re a full-service audio recording and mastering facility and word was out they accepted artworks on a rotating basis for the lobby and other high traffic areas. After a few weeks of communication it was finally my opportunity to gain a little public exposure costing me nothing more than the gas money to get the artwork down there.

The rest, as they say, is history.

A Painting In All It’s Glory

Abstract Art

I Must Say…

I am really starting to miss painting on a daily, or near daily, basis. Late 2020 there was definitely a feeling of burnout setting in as my 27/7 efforts were largely centred around marketing efforts for the many works completed. Likely only 10% of my time was being utilized for actual art creation.

The endless lists of art shows, competitions & publications worldwide was exhausting but necessary. As ideal as dedicating all my time just towards art creation is an unrealistic ideal.

With a few months off from the that usual grind I’m now starting to look towards a new year of creation and building on all the 2020 efforts. Likely there won’t be regular days of actual painting again until late April as half the process for creating such works requires ventilation and plenty of indirect sunlight.

Certainly until my schedule resumes there’s more than enough to keep me busy and I’m always looking forward to the odd unseasonably pleasant day whenever it comes along. There are always the basic supplies on hand for whenever the opportunity arises.

Abstract Art

Blast From The Past – 2016

I’ve had plenty of time and initiative for artistic experimentation over the years. Likely it’s something that never leaves but ebbs and flows over time. Reviewing several images of works created over recent years has yielded a few surprises – like the odd piece where I experimented with collage.

I’ve seen a variety of works by artisans who dedicate all their time to collage so to say I’m a mere tourist in the field would be generous. But, since I have a blog why not throw something up and see what happens?

Paint & Collage on Canvas – Late 2016
Abstract Art photography

A Rarity…

Interestingly enough my art rarely reflects actual people. There’s the odd suggestion or even a rough outline but that’s as far as it gets. It’s likely because do much of my efforts have been directed towards the abstract and exploring whatever the eye can’t readily see.

My foray into photography during the off season from painting have allowed me to explore that world with a great deal of amazement. The variety of styles and subject matters has almost left me speechless. There’s no inclination to switch from painting over but the adventure so far has been good to recharge the batteries.

I should be ready to display the first painting of 2021 in several weeks time once I’m almost sure it’s completed. Ironically enough I’ll have to photograph the finished work to post it anywhere.

Here’s a picture taken a few years ago of a man seated smoking in Hamburg, Germany. What I wouldn’t give to find out what he was thinking at that very moment.

Man in Hamburg, Germany

Abstract Art

Winter Wonderland

Given the snowfall and cold temperatures so many of us have to endure lately perhaps reposting this image may be appropriate. It was originally intended as a background to be developed into a more complex painting later but after looking throughout the drying process the decision was made to leave it as is. I was hoping it would stand out from the countless “pour” or “splatter” paintings flooding the art scene lately but time will tell regarding the success of that aspect.

It was created around mid-summer but held under wraps until close to mid-December to be showcased around the holiday season. Sometime timing is everything in life and certainly art is no exception.

Abstract painting is what I consider my primary calling which consumes much of the time available. Between creating, communication & aggressive marketing it can be an all-consuming effort for much of the year. Like many, I’d prefer to be simply creating works and doing little else but reality comes creeping in and the issue of public exposure and sales demand attention. It would take volumes of blog posts to outline the exhaustive efforts required to gain even the slightest attention in todays’ art world. Rather that bore everyone with that what do you say we get on to the featured work of the hour?

Winter Wonderland – 48″ x 36″ Acrylic on Canvas

Abstract Art

Inspirational 45

    In what has to be a first I’ve been interviewed about my art in Inspirational 45 – an innovative art publication based in the UK! I was amazed and slightly apprehensive about the whole idea as I’ve never been entirely comfortable talking about my works or the process of their creation. Everything has always been about the perception of the viewer and over the years I’ve heard some interesting insights and viewpoints when people are free to express how they see each painting or my body of works as a whole.

    I’ll have to admit the entire interview process was much easier than I’d anticipated and the final result turned out great. The publication managed to print examples of each work with 100% color accuracy and clarity! I’ll gladly encourage anyone to pick up a copy –

    INSPIRATIONAL issue 45: Now on sale.
The last day of 2020 and the first issue of Inspirational magazine for 2021. Welcome to the 45th issue of the arts magazine Inspirational.
Inspirational 45 can be purchased for instant download for £4.99 from the following link:
Inspirational – supporting working artists across the world.
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Abstract Art


Sunday September 6, 2020

    Never considered myself a blogger or even much of a writer so this is a departure outside my comfort zone. No doubt if this effort progresses I’ll be jumping from one art related subject to another and back again so you’ve been warned. Much of what I want to get into biographically has been briefly outlined to the right of this page which is a modest launching point. Anything beyond that is entirely irrelevant.

    My work throughout 2020 has been created making the most of indirect sunlight and warm weather. Experience has taught me that without those two elements these works just aren’t possible. Trying to make the most of the summer season is of paramount importance as once that ends so does the current series of works. Not sure what will take place artistically during the fall & winter seasons but that will be addressed when the time comes.

    With the possible exception of the first 4 works of the year the consistent canvas size has been 36″ x 48″.  Previous years have been filled with hundreds of paintings in a variety of smaller sizes; this just happens to be what works best right now. It’s a format which allows me to work with form & color to achieve the best results. Each painting is done through a number of stages and multiple overlapping layers to create something individual and distinctive.

    The first work of the year was an experiment in various background techniques including pouring black coffee in areas. After the background neared completion then cam the eternal struggle of what to do next. There were hundreds of options available from geometric shapes to wild paint splatters. Not being immune to everything that happens on a daily basis throughout the word I selected on a single message. It would be a one-off effort that, if fouled up artistically, would mean starting over again with my portrait hanging forever in the typography hall of shame.

    The second work of the year was marginally less stressful as the experiment in background work continued with the addition of several stencil shapes. The colors selected hopefully allow the whole piece to work as one cohesive work.

Alright, I’ve clearly overshot the whole “Preamble” label and intention of simply introducing a few basic thought on art and what I do. We’ll see if this effort continues depending on time allowances and willpower.