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As The Days Get Shorter

I’m not pleased at all now that gradually there’s less daylight with each passing day. We’ve had enough of a time with one seriously rough winter season already. The cold in conjunction with a global pandemic made it challenging for all.

Time to once again accept a constantly changing reality and make the most of what we have.

I’ll Take All The Sunlight We Can Get.
Mild Rant Photographic

Snow? Seriously??

Here we are in the final days of May and this morning we are greeted with a mix of rain and actual snow. The Canadian stereotype lives on.

I personally refuse to acknowledge this freak change in weather and will continue to dress in beach attire. It’s my personal mission to battle this predicament regardless of how futile the effort seems.

So break out the straw hats, sunscreen and margaritas because the summer heat will prevail before long and we’ll be sweating profusely once again!

Still thinking of this little one. May it grow big and mighty!!
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One Of Those Days

We’ve all had them from time to time; everything lines up right and all signals as “Go” but the motivation to do something about it just never happens. Today was one of those days.

Weather and schedule were to allow for many hours of art creativity and production but little time was actually used taking action. I’d be tempted to chalk it up to any number of non-art variables and likely I’d be at least partially right.

So there I was with waiting canvas and paints but the whole idea of pushing ahead didn’t appeal in the slightest. Eventually very little of the day was occupied doing what I should. Nature won’t be cooperating during the upcoming days so a forced break may actually work out for the better.

If you want the sun then occasionally you have to accept the rain.

The ideal summary of today’s creative efforts.
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Sounds of Silence

Seems some folks don’t care or are just plain forgetful…

We’re not out of the woods yet, folks!!
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Day 2 – The Sequel

As planned painting did eventually commence as the schedule allowed. Perhaps the conditions weren’t quite as sunny and warm as previously but there was no way I was going to turn down the opportunity.

Yesterday’s canvas was set aside until the next steps could be thought through. Today’s piece was once again an initial background started late last year. Just like before supplies were hauled outside and the same setup established. The elements didn’t quite spark the same unrestrained enthusiasm, what with the jacket and occasional shivering, but it all goes with the territory in Canada.

Overall the two paintings have progressed in remarkable and surprising ways. New ideas emerged and eventually decisions will have to be made. Each work is distinct and has to be allowed to reach it’s full potential.

Found out something unfortunate tonight; the shortage of pigment and paint production has hit artists even harder than I’d initially thought. Most retailers aren’t even taking orders for when stock arrives. With everything I have on hand there’s still work that can be done but the sooner an order can be placed the better I’ll feel.

Today calls for much the same temperatures but a significant amount of rain which could present a small problem. A hectic schedule beyond my control is the other problem but if there’s a way to work around it all I’ll find it!

I’m told these come in bright colours too!!
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Seems keeping an eye on the weather forecast during the days prior to outdoor painting has proven valuable once again.

The originally unseasonably warm temperatures scheduled for this afternoon have been downgraded considerably; roughly half of the estimate only 48 hours ago. If this proves to be the case then all outdoor artistic efforts will have to wait for Wednesday. Experience has show that cooler temperatures are not friendly to paint or it’s ability to adhere.

Even the best laid plans have to be adjusted and improvisation is needed. I’ll have to wait several more hours to see what unfolds and act accordingly. At least everything is prepared and thought through so there’s less chance of a rage post from this artist over the next day or so.

All will remain in a holding pattern until nature gives her approval to commence full speed.

Current Weather In Canada
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Oh, the Irony!

Those unfortunate enough to be swallowed in by the endless grumblings of those on social media whining and moaning about how lockdowns and other public health precautions have absolutely ruined their social lives may not be entirely surprised by all this.

It’s not all the measures in place to preserve health and life that’s ever had me concerned. It’s when finally restriction start to lift and those same complainers gather in bars and restaurants to compare with friends who truly had it worse. Perhaps they’ll feel deserving of a Medal of Valor.

What we’ll never hear about are the countless numbers of people who’s own lives have been barely touched by the pandemic. The people who pass through life without a single phone call or invitation to coffee for not only years but decades on end. The people pushed aside for no other reason than it’s accepted in society to do so. They are, in short, disposable.

Provided these same people serve some kind of financial benefit to someone else then they’re allowed to keep passing through unnoticed.

But when everyone is eventually out and jovial having been freed from lockdowns and extensive precautions there will always be a good number of people who will not be sharing in the celebrations and elation. They won’t be seen at any parties or cookouts: they weren’t invited.

Such is life for those deemed disposable.

But hey, let’s just end this with a fun happy picture to keep everyone entertained..,

From 2018
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I can’t speak for anyone else but ever since the pandemic started there seems to be an over abundance of time each and every day. My schedule hasn’t greatly changed since before all this so the explanation requires further analysis.

Personally, it may simply be the lack of outdoor painting that has everything thrown off. Tried to create an indoor strategy but nothing seemed to take hold. Been trying my hand at photography with my trusted iPhone but there’s likely an official limit to how many pictures we’re allowed to take of a single tree or chair. Social media has proven there’s no such limit on selfies.

So I continue my quest to be a productive member of society or at least the household. At this point I may have to pass time photographing other people’s trees.

Someone Else’s Clock
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The stupidity of the human race never ceases to amaze me. The guidelines for avoiding contracting & spreading the coronavirus are basic and easy to understand yet, given a choice, so many decide to do otherwise then act surprised when they end up ill with the virus.

It’s not all that difficult, folks!

Provided we all remain diligent until the pandemic is under control many of us can live long and productive lives. It just seems a multitude of morons can’t think that far ahead.

I’m one of the caregivers for an older couple, one with advanced Alzheimers the other battling Cancer, so there’s no room for error or compromise when it comes to this worldwide health crisis. If I contract COVID-19 then I might as well start planning and saving money for this couple’s funerals. Fairly basic logic there.

Just stick with the guidelines and remain guarded until doctors and health officials give us the approval to begin resuming more relaxed practices. It’s the least we all could do.

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