Sunday October 4, 2020

    If rejection is all a part of the growing process I should be a titan in the art world by now. Seriously, we’re all very familiar with the occasional sting of having work declined for a given show or not placing higher in a juried event. The art market, like all other aspects of life throughout the world today, has taken a tremendous hit with all the precautions everyone has to adopt. Many artists, myself included, have to explore ways to work around the current situation to remain viable and in the public eye. Social media and maintaining old contacts play a large part as well as other improvisations.

    What wins the day is perseverance. Having faith in what you do and why you do it will provide rewards later. Keeping a nose to the creative grindstone will produce some extraordinary creative efforts many will marvel at in the coming years. We have no choice but to keep at it since nobody is going to raise our voices for us or covey our visions quite as well. It will be all worth it in the end.


Art Supplies

Tuesday September 8, 2020

In this era of COVID-19 everyone has to pull together and do their part. Do whatever it takes!

    These times have had a effect on many parts of life and availability of art supplies is certainly no exception. For some reason the supply of domestic manufacturing of stretched canvas has experienced little interruption. Stocks are such that many retailers can still offer sale prices and when shelves are running low everything is replenished within a day or two,

    Paint is a whole other matter however; there is competition for pigments from an number of manufacturing sectors so overall production of paint itself has slowed. I’ll assume that workplace safety from the pandemic has also played a significant role. Some planning ahead and constant monitoring of whatever paint is on hand in the studio is always needed. Ordering ahead is the rule of the day to prevent lag time and work can continue at a steady pace.

    It goes without saying that in-person galleries have been hit hard but I’ll reserve comment on this and related areas for a later date.


The Studio

Sunday September 13, 2020

    Many artists have had to grapple with the subject of studio space. A quick review of classified ads and art publications will show a number of options available provided you have the funds and inclination, From my teens the ideal studio (in a perfect world) was like that of Picasso who owned a enormous property with many room filled with his works and materials. The following picture always comes to mind…

   Since many of us are not in fact world famous and wealthy artists (yet) we have to consider more a more modest surrounding. My own habits dictate that a studio at home is the ideal environment. Impulsive by nature, having everything close at hand is essential. If a new idea for a particular work comes to mind I must put it into action immediately. Many a movie night has been interrupted by just such an impulse.

    Currently a couple of rooms (so far) have been taken over with works and the materials necessary to develop each. At least a couple of days of the week during the summer months neighbors can see me at the top of the driveway working away with whatever is considered too toxic for even the best indoor ventilation. Oddly enough nobody considers it out of place or even pays any attention to the character working on canvases frantically.

    Everybody has their own way of working and their own style for getting the job done. I know of several who insist they need a studio somewhere separate from home where it’s the artistic equivalent of going to the office. Other through sheer economic circumstances have no choice but to work from home. In the end it’s best to go with whatever is most productive and keeps the motivation going. Some of us may enjoy periodically tripping over containers of paint in the middle of the night.