Art began for me like it does with most others; as a child. Standing before an easel working with oil paints on a canvas was not a rare sight. With a couple of rudimentary art books the journey began with only my imagination as a guide. Fast-forward several decades, having participated in numerous group and solo art shows, I made the decision to head off in my own creative direction. There was the need to create something so distinctive any viewer would know it came from my studio alone. After more than 18 agonizing months of paint, sweat & tears I’ve finally reached my goal. The year 2020 welcomes a series of works which have, hopefully, made that goal a reality. With numerous layers of color and form I’ve managed to bring forth something, in my opinion, is truly unique.

14 – 2020

13 – 2020

11 – 2020

10 – 2020

09 – 2020

08 – 2020