Abstract Art


It’s always interesting to see how an artist’s style gradually evolves over time. The trajectory can be quite remarkable when taken in the right direction.

My own style has been pushed towards finding an individuality that hopefully will set current works apart from recent trends. Eventually someone can decide how successful those efforts have been. Personally I’m still far too busy growing and developing my work in new directions,

A Piece From Late 2018


das Willkommen

A warm greeting to this blog’s latest follower KlangKurve Berlin!

Abstract Art

Dreaming of Summer

Some may long for sunny walks on the beach while others are awaiting the first backyard BBQ. Me, I wait impatiently for painting season to kick in full-swing!

The bright sunlight with warm air makes for the ideal setting to work on the later stages of each piece. Because of my process the summer climate and plenty of ventilation are essential to success.

Truth be told, I did try long and hard to carry out the same practices indoors during the winter months but it proved too creatively stifling. Hence my foray into photography. I’ll likely do both this summer but creating a series of paintings then toiling for weeks trying to promote each of them will occupy much of my waking hours. No doubt the world of photography will breathe a sigh of relief when that day arrives!

The Start of Something New
Abstract Art

Seems Like Yesterday

It was the summer of 2018 and I’d been exchanging emails with a contact at TA2 Sound + Music in Toronto. They’re a full-service audio recording and mastering facility and word was out they accepted artworks on a rotating basis for the lobby and other high traffic areas. After a few weeks of communication it was finally my opportunity to gain a little public exposure costing me nothing more than the gas money to get the artwork down there.

The rest, as they say, is history.

A Painting In All It’s Glory


A Flair For The Dramatic

I’ve always tried to stay away from posting images that appear flat and just seem to lay there. One of the first things I do is bump up the contrast ever so slightly. With some images that’s more than enough while others require a more aggressive approach. It seems with the right effort and imagination even the most basic snapshot can be transformed into something remarkable.

The following photograph was originally taken in the bright noon sun…

Cathedral in Prague
Mild Rant


The stupidity of the human race never ceases to amaze me. The guidelines for avoiding contracting & spreading the coronavirus are basic and easy to understand yet, given a choice, so many decide to do otherwise then act surprised when they end up ill with the virus.

It’s not all that difficult, folks!

Provided we all remain diligent until the pandemic is under control many of us can live long and productive lives. It just seems a multitude of morons can’t think that far ahead.

I’m one of the caregivers for an older couple, one with advanced Alzheimers the other battling Cancer, so there’s no room for error or compromise when it comes to this worldwide health crisis. If I contract COVID-19 then I might as well start planning and saving money for this couple’s funerals. Fairly basic logic there.

Just stick with the guidelines and remain guarded until doctors and health officials give us the approval to begin resuming more relaxed practices. It’s the least we all could do.

Get It Now??

Abstract Art

I Must Say…

I am really starting to miss painting on a daily, or near daily, basis. Late 2020 there was definitely a feeling of burnout setting in as my 27/7 efforts were largely centred around marketing efforts for the many works completed. Likely only 10% of my time was being utilized for actual art creation.

The endless lists of art shows, competitions & publications worldwide was exhausting but necessary. As ideal as dedicating all my time just towards art creation is an unrealistic ideal.

With a few months off from the that usual grind I’m now starting to look towards a new year of creation and building on all the 2020 efforts. Likely there won’t be regular days of actual painting again until late April as half the process for creating such works requires ventilation and plenty of indirect sunlight.

Certainly until my schedule resumes there’s more than enough to keep me busy and I’m always looking forward to the odd unseasonably pleasant day whenever it comes along. There are always the basic supplies on hand for whenever the opportunity arises.



Seems 3 hours a night is about the longest I’m down; usually less. Closing my eyes and seeing this bunch doesn’t help in the slightest…

Sheep in Disguise
Abstract Art

Blast From The Past – 2016

I’ve had plenty of time and initiative for artistic experimentation over the years. Likely it’s something that never leaves but ebbs and flows over time. Reviewing several images of works created over recent years has yielded a few surprises – like the odd piece where I experimented with collage.

I’ve seen a variety of works by artisans who dedicate all their time to collage so to say I’m a mere tourist in the field would be generous. But, since I have a blog why not throw something up and see what happens?

Paint & Collage on Canvas – Late 2016

Food Photography

It’s not often I attempt food photography and even less frequent make any serious attempt. Armed with my trusted iPhone the results are often debatable and highly questionable. Although I have no business being anywhere near the world of food preparation occasionally I’m a tourist snapping the odd photo.

Presented here may be my most credible venture into food photography so be kind in any possible critique. My ego bruises easily. 🤣

Breakfast Bowl!