Macro Practice

Heavier rain during recent days hasn’t helped the abstract painting efforts in the slightest but it has opened up opportunities to practice some iPhone photography skills.

This morning was a great chance to see how close I could get to a subject while remaining in focus. The results may be far from pro status but I’m a painter so we’ll have to settle with a rating of – passible.

Drops Left by the Evening Rain.

Weather Report

Rained moderately throughout most the night resulting in a rather moist morning. This time I bring proof!

Glistening Bud At Dawn

Busy, Busy, Busy

Everything todays seemed to fall into place just right so I was determined to make the most of it. Shortly after dawn saw hours dedicated to the all-important art pursuits which were carried out as far as I could take them at that stage.

Throughout the remainder of the day I could be found mowing the lawn, washing the car, taking care of laundry along with the regular obligations already in place. I’m almost sure there are other completed task which came and went but I’m not the kind to make lists of such things.

Usually each day starts with only a rough idea what may actually go on since procrastination is still one of my more dominant traits. Luckily things do fall into place and get done for the most part.

Took a couple minutes for creative photography and editing for my own amusement. Some would consider the subject matter questionable but sometimes testing boundaries can yield favourable results.

Hopefully after the sun sets I won’t be left with the usual feeling that not much was done with the day at all. We’ll find out shortly.

Bird Dropping on Windshield – Post Editing
Abstract Art

Latest Painting

So many have been incredibly patient while I toil through our current situation but eventually persistence pays off.

Here today we have “Vaccination #2” measuring 30” x 40” on canvas.

Tried as I may it became apparent that there’s nothing which can be done to make this piece better.


Vaccination #2

That’s More Like It!

Fortunately yesterday’s unreasonable weather was short lived and now noticeably improved. Still slightly cold for my purposes but that’s scheduled to improve during the coming days do we’ll just have to be content with sunshine.

In a couple days painting should resume but the shortage of supplies has me concerned. We’re trying to gradually work back from the pandemic so I have to take my lumps just like everyone else.

Tried experimenting with different approaches and materials but the results just weren’t all that impressive. Once you work out a way to create something memorable it’s hard to settle for second best.

But they say patience has it’s rewards so I’ll have to simply work away at planning and taking the occasional photo.

A Saturday Morning Surprise!
Mild Rant Photographic

Snow? Seriously??

Here we are in the final days of May and this morning we are greeted with a mix of rain and actual snow. The Canadian stereotype lives on.

I personally refuse to acknowledge this freak change in weather and will continue to dress in beach attire. It’s my personal mission to battle this predicament regardless of how futile the effort seems.

So break out the straw hats, sunscreen and margaritas because the summer heat will prevail before long and we’ll be sweating profusely once again!

Still thinking of this little one. May it grow big and mighty!!

Garden Leaves

Just a peek at something I enjoy viewing daily during my travels. Spring has certainly turned things around and should bring a remarkable summer!

Blooming and Well Underway

Tree Roots

Time has been occupied with making use of all this terrific painting weather while still trying to keep up with other side pursuits and obligations. I’ve been wrestling with the idea of posting photos of works in progress but that all is similar to posting pics of a half-baked cake. It’s either finished or it’s not.

Here’s a photo taken yesterday during an excursion just as proof that on occasion I do actually lead a life outside the studio.

Tree Roots in Nature
Abstract Art

Day’s End

Stage 1 of the canvas concludes and now requires days to dry.
Abstract Art Photographic

Let The Games Begin!!

Perhaps I’m jumping ahead of myself using that title. My enthusiasm comes from having everything set up and ready for painting tomorrow, all other tasks out of the way and weather conditions predicted that couldn’t be better.

There are a couple of creative ideas rolling around that I’m eager to try so all tools and materials are at the ready.

If my brain is even half functioning by the end of day tomorrow I’ll provide progress photos as proof that the day wasn’t wasted eating nachos and watching realty TV.

Ready and waiting for tomorrow’s first light.