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Looks like I may have started something that could prove impossible to stop. The previous painting session has me obsessing about a nearly completed canvas and today I may have thought through the ideal steps. Now would be a good time to creatively step back just to be sure this direction is truly the best. After all, you can’t unring a bell.

The weather update today has been getting my hopes up that at least one day this weekend outdoor temperatures will be sufficient for more artistic efforts. Perhaps now would be the best time to practice guarded optimism.

Can’t seem to ease my concerns about the shortage of appropriate paint available on the market. I really should go through everything on hand for a proper perspective and to plan ahead if the need to adapt arises.

Until I’m once again creating something on canvas now would be as good a time as any to provide a sample of Amateur Photoshop.

Original photo taken in bright sunlight but adjusted to create a more evening feel.
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It’s Here!!

That’s right, you finally get a look at my first finished painting of 2021. After patiently wading through weeks of rambling posts the waiting is over.

Rise From Pandemic #1

I’m certainly relieved there was just enough warm weather to work on this piece and make progress on another. Count on a second canvas reaching completion in the coming weeks.

Rise From Pandemic 36” x 48” Acrylic & Spray Paint on Canvas
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Day 1 – Success

Everything worked out very well during the first official day of outdoor painting. Temperature cooperated and the breeze stayed low. Fingers crossed for today being even better!

There’s nothing like actually participating in the action of painting to get the creative gears turning. A couple of new ideas came to mind for this year’s series as well as the resolution to bid farewell to anything that’s in danger of becoming stale.

Wish I could claim the entire day was open for creating a new work but we all have obligations so it’s all a matter of making the most of the hours available. Yet there a so many possibilities to squeeze into those precious hours.

Getting back at it in a few hours and already there are plans for incorporating more supplies in Day 2. Who needs limitations at this point?

The actual finished pieces will be posted here as they become available.

Did Someone Order Art Supplies?
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Live: From The Driveway!

That’s right, painting has officially started. While cooler this morning the weather cooperated enough to allow work to start about 90 minutes ago. Just a short post for now and a sample of what this season will bring!

Coming Near You… 01-2021
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Seems keeping an eye on the weather forecast during the days prior to outdoor painting has proven valuable once again.

The originally unseasonably warm temperatures scheduled for this afternoon have been downgraded considerably; roughly half of the estimate only 48 hours ago. If this proves to be the case then all outdoor artistic efforts will have to wait for Wednesday. Experience has show that cooler temperatures are not friendly to paint or it’s ability to adhere.

Even the best laid plans have to be adjusted and improvisation is needed. I’ll have to wait several more hours to see what unfolds and act accordingly. At least everything is prepared and thought through so there’s less chance of a rage post from this artist over the next day or so.

All will remain in a holding pattern until nature gives her approval to commence full speed.

Current Weather In Canada
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60 – 2016

Here’s another piece from a bygone era. It’s occasionally helpful to look back briefly as we prepare for the future. Tuesday is when the warmer weather kicks in for two days and apprehension seems to be the primary force guiding me there. Supplies have to be placed ready for action and the weather forecast will be monitored to see which hours will work best.

60 – 2016
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48 – 2016

Just thought I’d present this piece as a demonstration where I’ve been creatively in the past. Looks like Tuesday and Wednesday will be good for a few hours of outdoor paint-on-canvas activity. Should turn a few heads on my street to say the least!

48 – 2016
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Time Flies!

Was reminded yesterday that, considering the long delays in shipping art supplies, I’d better start placing orders now if I don’t want to lose out when the season starts.

Canvases are not so much the problem as the distinct paint colours I work with. Paint pigment is in short supply and the industrial sector gets first crack at everything. Wait times can be 4 times longer due to this reason alone.

So, with orders placed this week there should be enough in my studio by mid to late April. Fingers Crossed!!

A few items already on the shopping list!
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Oh, the Irony!

Those unfortunate enough to be swallowed in by the endless grumblings of those on social media whining and moaning about how lockdowns and other public health precautions have absolutely ruined their social lives may not be entirely surprised by all this.

It’s not all the measures in place to preserve health and life that’s ever had me concerned. It’s when finally restriction start to lift and those same complainers gather in bars and restaurants to compare with friends who truly had it worse. Perhaps they’ll feel deserving of a Medal of Valor.

What we’ll never hear about are the countless numbers of people who’s own lives have been barely touched by the pandemic. The people who pass through life without a single phone call or invitation to coffee for not only years but decades on end. The people pushed aside for no other reason than it’s accepted in society to do so. They are, in short, disposable.

Provided these same people serve some kind of financial benefit to someone else then they’re allowed to keep passing through unnoticed.

But when everyone is eventually out and jovial having been freed from lockdowns and extensive precautions there will always be a good number of people who will not be sharing in the celebrations and elation. They won’t be seen at any parties or cookouts: they weren’t invited.

Such is life for those deemed disposable.

But hey, let’s just end this with a fun happy picture to keep everyone entertained..,

From 2018
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October 7, 1986

Here we have an early work from back when I was still experimenting with various styles. Likely it’s something that never truly stops. It was created with a slightly playful mood trying to produce something noteworthy but never getting overly serious with the subject matter.

It’s certainly not considered masterful or a great technical achievement but it does serve as a milestone for my own artistic progress/evolution.

“Surrealist Explosion At The Teddy Bear’s Pic-Nic”