Possibly This Image Best Represents How Mondays Are For So Many Lately.

Saturday Blues

Being So Cold & Wet Out Emerging To Take Couple Of Photos Was The Pinnacle Of Achievement.


With most of the day’s scheduled tasks and duties out of the way perhaps now would be a good time to settle into a comfortable chair and open a good book…

New Photo of Old Classics


I’ll start out by pledging not to whine on incessantly about this being yet another cold and rainy day. Art production will resume in due time.

I believe this little specimen serves well as an example how I’m looking at the whole situation…

Just trying to survive on the window sill.

Weather (or not)

Some people tend to put a whole lot of weight in the effect of weather on mood and perhaps creativity. While there may be some truth to this assumption it’s worth looking further into the weather itself. Bear with me.

Warmer and sunnier climates provide people with more opportunity to do whatever they like whenever they like. Sounds like freedom to me. Without the restrictions placed on so many during the inclement seasons we tend to focus significantly less on those activities we cannot do.

Perhaps the awkward point I’m trying to make is that it’s the presence of opportunity that makes all the difference. I’ve been both highly motivated and lethargic during all the seasons throughout the year. A grey rainy day has little impact overall provided not a whole lot of weight is put into the opinions of “experts”.

But hey, we can all make up our own minds thanks to life experience.

Not a cheerful photo but at least it’s new!!
Abstract Art

A Day Off

As the inspiration and motivation seem to be seriously lacking in recent days (inexplicably) I’ve elected to just take the day off. Tomorrow may be the same but we’ll have to see when we get there. It’s never a pleasant time knowing what should be done but having no desire to do it. Perhaps it’s a much needed lesson in pacing myself and stepping back for a better perspective. All I do know is that eventually there will be a burning desire to get back at it so now it’s simply a waiting game.

Until then here’s another look at a past work…

A sample from my more experimental period 42 – 2018