Proof Positive! (almost)

Yesterday’s trip to Edwards Gardens was a resounding success with all the sunshine, fresh air and photographs taken. Some claim that the location is quite small compared to counterparts throughout other parts of the world but I’ll take this local attraction any afternoon of the week.

It was odd roaming about as in recent months, since late 2020, I’ve lost just over a quarter of my overall body weight. Not entirely used to long excursions so the energy level was pushed and I’ll definitely have to do much more during the summer.

So, without further delay, here’s the “proof” of my Sunday activities…

Exhibit 1 – An Early Bloomer Emerges!
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Sunday Afternoon

In an effort to enhance my “reputation” as a well-rounded and worldly artist I’ve decided to dedicating this afternoon to touring Edward’s Gardens – a local site well known for the variety of expertly maintained horticulture.

We know inspiration can be found in a variety of places and I definitely have to look away from the canvas at times so now is as good a time as any.

Always armed with my trusted iPhone camera the plants, sunshine & fresh air will not go to waste. Local guidelines allow for just such an excursion provided a couple of simple rules are observed; a small price to pay given the potential rewards,

In closing, try to make the most of your day and I’ll try not to overload you with a tsunami of flower photos at a later date. Deal?

Just a flower photo from years ago for now.

Your Mental Break Minute

Just for a change of pace and to help everyone’s spirits remain as high as possible now may be as good a time as any to provide an image for us all to gaze at and dream about.

If everyone does their part and keeps a cool head we’ll all see our own version of the ideal place we’d rather be at right now. It can be near or far but if is certainly attainable and within our grasp.

All that said, here’s a slice of Rome during sunnier and lighter days. They will return.

An Elevated and Attractive View of Rome.
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Gone With The Wind

As much as my best planning and ambition can come into play there’s always the prevailing winds to keep a cap on almost everything.

Today was certainly no difference.

Tools Of The Trade
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Birth Of A Notion

Seeing as how Tuesday is supposed to provide an art-friendly environment it’s about time to start ramping up what has to happen and when. Fortunately, I suppose, there’s been a partially completed canvas in plain sight which I’ve had several opportunities to consider finishing. Until moments ago it was still unclear how.

So in the afternoon I’ll be armed with plenty of supplies and a vision of where the work should go. Barring any unforeseen circumstances there should be a finished painting by the end of the day.

Whether it’s actually a good painting I’ll leave up to the critics to decide.

A painting from last year subjected heavily to various Photoshop processes to create this digital anomaly.

Weather (or not)

Some people tend to put a whole lot of weight in the effect of weather on mood and perhaps creativity. While there may be some truth to this assumption it’s worth looking further into the weather itself. Bear with me.

Warmer and sunnier climates provide people with more opportunity to do whatever they like whenever they like. Sounds like freedom to me. Without the restrictions placed on so many during the inclement seasons we tend to focus significantly less on those activities we cannot do.

Perhaps the awkward point I’m trying to make is that it’s the presence of opportunity that makes all the difference. I’ve been both highly motivated and lethargic during all the seasons throughout the year. A grey rainy day has little impact overall provided not a whole lot of weight is put into the opinions of “experts”.

But hey, we can all make up our own minds thanks to life experience.

Not a cheerful photo but at least it’s new!!
Abstract Art Mild Rant

One Of Those Days

We’ve all had them from time to time; everything lines up right and all signals as “Go” but the motivation to do something about it just never happens. Today was one of those days.

Weather and schedule were to allow for many hours of art creativity and production but little time was actually used taking action. I’d be tempted to chalk it up to any number of non-art variables and likely I’d be at least partially right.

So there I was with waiting canvas and paints but the whole idea of pushing ahead didn’t appeal in the slightest. Eventually very little of the day was occupied doing what I should. Nature won’t be cooperating during the upcoming days so a forced break may actually work out for the better.

If you want the sun then occasionally you have to accept the rain.

The ideal summary of today’s creative efforts.
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Day 2 – The Sequel

As planned painting did eventually commence as the schedule allowed. Perhaps the conditions weren’t quite as sunny and warm as previously but there was no way I was going to turn down the opportunity.

Yesterday’s canvas was set aside until the next steps could be thought through. Today’s piece was once again an initial background started late last year. Just like before supplies were hauled outside and the same setup established. The elements didn’t quite spark the same unrestrained enthusiasm, what with the jacket and occasional shivering, but it all goes with the territory in Canada.

Overall the two paintings have progressed in remarkable and surprising ways. New ideas emerged and eventually decisions will have to be made. Each work is distinct and has to be allowed to reach it’s full potential.

Found out something unfortunate tonight; the shortage of pigment and paint production has hit artists even harder than I’d initially thought. Most retailers aren’t even taking orders for when stock arrives. With everything I have on hand there’s still work that can be done but the sooner an order can be placed the better I’ll feel.

Today calls for much the same temperatures but a significant amount of rain which could present a small problem. A hectic schedule beyond my control is the other problem but if there’s a way to work around it all I’ll find it!

I’m told these come in bright colours too!!
Abstract Art Mild Rant


Seems keeping an eye on the weather forecast during the days prior to outdoor painting has proven valuable once again.

The originally unseasonably warm temperatures scheduled for this afternoon have been downgraded considerably; roughly half of the estimate only 48 hours ago. If this proves to be the case then all outdoor artistic efforts will have to wait for Wednesday. Experience has show that cooler temperatures are not friendly to paint or it’s ability to adhere.

Even the best laid plans have to be adjusted and improvisation is needed. I’ll have to wait several more hours to see what unfolds and act accordingly. At least everything is prepared and thought through so there’s less chance of a rage post from this artist over the next day or so.

All will remain in a holding pattern until nature gives her approval to commence full speed.

Current Weather In Canada
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48 – 2016

Just thought I’d present this piece as a demonstration where I’ve been creatively in the past. Looks like Tuesday and Wednesday will be good for a few hours of outdoor paint-on-canvas activity. Should turn a few heads on my street to say the least!

48 – 2016