Wordless Wednesday

Okay, I’m “borrowing” this idea from another blog today as there seems to be a lack or original thought at my end.

Flower in the rain taken this morning.

Snow in April

It seems Mother Nature wants to delay outdoor painting efforts for just a little longer. It’s just a one day event that will likely be gone within 24 hours but what a sight to see while starting the morning coffee.

April Showers?

Spring Sprout

Being another slight chilly and very wet grey day I sought out something/anything to spark my imagination. Seems in recent months that outlet has become photography. I certainly have no aspirations to change direction away from abstract painting but having a variety of interests never hurts.

I’m usually looking at things we see everyday and trying to find a new approach. Sometimes it works but other times many photos are eventually deleted. It’s an ongoing trial and error process.

This morning was no different.

Early Buds Appearing
Benefits of April Showers


I’ll start out by pledging not to whine on incessantly about this being yet another cold and rainy day. Art production will resume in due time.

I believe this little specimen serves well as an example how I’m looking at the whole situation…

Just trying to survive on the window sill.

Weather (or not)

Some people tend to put a whole lot of weight in the effect of weather on mood and perhaps creativity. While there may be some truth to this assumption it’s worth looking further into the weather itself. Bear with me.

Warmer and sunnier climates provide people with more opportunity to do whatever they like whenever they like. Sounds like freedom to me. Without the restrictions placed on so many during the inclement seasons we tend to focus significantly less on those activities we cannot do.

Perhaps the awkward point I’m trying to make is that it’s the presence of opportunity that makes all the difference. I’ve been both highly motivated and lethargic during all the seasons throughout the year. A grey rainy day has little impact overall provided not a whole lot of weight is put into the opinions of “experts”.

But hey, we can all make up our own minds thanks to life experience.

Not a cheerful photo but at least it’s new!!
Abstract Art

Day 3 – Bah Humbug

Seems the tranquil dawn of the day was short-lived as soon the wind picked up and fast moving clouds took over. Before the painting day could start it was over. Sometimes the temperature is favourable but all the other variables fall apart. However, if I’m going to enjoy a couple of productive days this is an inconvenience I can roll with.

Between the rain storm and other non- painting difficulties production of anything wasn’t going to happen. When presented with moments like this I like to get things done that will make the next painting day even better. It can be creatively or productivity or both.

Sometimes you get to collect the eggs and other times you have to care for the chickens.

A Former Indoor Painting Setup
Abstract Art Mild Rant


Seems keeping an eye on the weather forecast during the days prior to outdoor painting has proven valuable once again.

The originally unseasonably warm temperatures scheduled for this afternoon have been downgraded considerably; roughly half of the estimate only 48 hours ago. If this proves to be the case then all outdoor artistic efforts will have to wait for Wednesday. Experience has show that cooler temperatures are not friendly to paint or it’s ability to adhere.

Even the best laid plans have to be adjusted and improvisation is needed. I’ll have to wait several more hours to see what unfolds and act accordingly. At least everything is prepared and thought through so there’s less chance of a rage post from this artist over the next day or so.

All will remain in a holding pattern until nature gives her approval to commence full speed.

Current Weather In Canada

Danube River

Taken where this famous waterway runs through the heart of Budapest, Hungary we are offered a view of the city everyone should see at least once. There is a rich history to be found throughout Budapest just within the architecture and art alone. It is indeed a world you could get lost in for some time.

Danube River on a sunny day!
Abstract Art

October 7, 1986

Here we have an early work from back when I was still experimenting with various styles. Likely it’s something that never truly stops. It was created with a slightly playful mood trying to produce something noteworthy but never getting overly serious with the subject matter.

It’s certainly not considered masterful or a great technical achievement but it does serve as a milestone for my own artistic progress/evolution.

“Surrealist Explosion At The Teddy Bear’s Pic-Nic”

Landscape In Ireland

Just one of the many remarkable vistas throughout the land.