Near Miss

Some may recall from some time ago when there was the mention of my volunteer work helping care for an older couple. Setting aside our own extreme quarantine measures to keep them health there hasn’t been much of a hardship at all.

Then there was yesterday when a serious medical episode occurred and an ambulance had to be summoned. Fortunately everyone functioned like a finely tuned machine and everything, including the trip to the hospital, went without a hitch.

I can proudly say that as of this hour everyone is doing well and still COVID-19 free. It’s a tribute to common sense and rational efficient action.

Now comes my confession: while medical personnel were in the house providing much needed care I stayed well out of their way. For a minute during this time I “may” have pulled out my iPhone and snapped a photo or two of the equipment left in the open by the front door. Perhaps I needed a temporary break from the stress of the situation or likely sometimes I have the attention span of a toddler.

Provided here is the final result after several bouts through Photoshop.

A New Look At Life-Saving Medical Gear

Photoshop Phun!!

Okay, sometimes I can’t help myself but to get into mischief. Likely some genetic trait yet unexplored.

Give me a perfectly good photo and I’ll find a way to mess with it in the spirit of creativity. After all, there are so many ways to manipulate an image but so little time.

Presented for your review an otherwise harmless statue resting in Prague. Thousands of residents and tourists see it every year – just not this way!

Trust Me, It Was That Way When I Arrived!!!

Something Wild

A while back I was reviewing a series of photographs to select which were worth keeping. It goes without saying, usually, that a high percentage of pictures end up getting tossed. I’ll occasionally hang on to those which fall under the “maybe” category but eventually the decision has to be made.

There are times when I’ll put in the effort to enhance a picture just to provide extra emphasis. In most cases these adjustments will be undetectable but beneficial. There are other instances when simply letting loose and trying something different never hurts.

I’m always on the lookout for new and different photographic effects just to stretch my muscles creatively. From there it’s all trial and error whether there’s any benefit to be had.

Provided here is the end result of a late night experiment with a new effect which helped save a very plain photo from obscurity.

This originally was a barren plain bush in front of a fence.


Alright, here we go…

I was waiting to start my duties last night caring for an older couple when, through no fault of my own, the mind started to wander in creative directions to pass the time. Then I had the very unfortunate urge to take a photo of myself as the lighting and angle seemed right at the time.

Preliminary Info: I’m definitely anti-selfie. There are far too many vain people out there dedicating far too much time to taking photos of themselves. The practice almost makes me want to slap the phone out of the hand of the very next devotee.

But, my middle name may have to be changed to “Hypocrisy” since last night I ventured over to the dark side. With both camera and myself poised just right I took a few test pictures for later heavy computer editing.

So we have the final result for now and there will not be a repeat performance for a very long time.

Portrait of an Artist, as an Old Man desperately needing a Haircut

Photography Fun

It seems to be occurring more often lately where an ordinary bland snapshot is almost begging or even the slightest enhancement to become more memorable. While I have neither the time of interest in becoming a Photoshop expert, playing with a few basic functions can be rewarding.

At this point in the year I’m really hoping painting season starts earlier than expected as I don’t think the world of photography can tolerate much more of this abuse. 🤣


A Flair For The Dramatic

I’ve always tried to stay away from posting images that appear flat and just seem to lay there. One of the first things I do is bump up the contrast ever so slightly. With some images that’s more than enough while others require a more aggressive approach. It seems with the right effort and imagination even the most basic snapshot can be transformed into something remarkable.

The following photograph was originally taken in the bright noon sun…

Cathedral in Prague

Photoshop Fun

Occasionally I can’t resist temptation to mess around with a photo from travels that otherwise might seem plain and uninteresting.

Dungaire Castle, Ireland