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Oh, the Irony!

Those unfortunate enough to be swallowed in by the endless grumblings of those on social media whining and moaning about how lockdowns and other public health precautions have absolutely ruined their social lives may not be entirely surprised by all this.

It’s not all the measures in place to preserve health and life that’s ever had me concerned. It’s when finally restriction start to lift and those same complainers gather in bars and restaurants to compare with friends who truly had it worse. Perhaps they’ll feel deserving of a Medal of Valor.

What we’ll never hear about are the countless numbers of people who’s own lives have been barely touched by the pandemic. The people who pass through life without a single phone call or invitation to coffee for not only years but decades on end. The people pushed aside for no other reason than it’s accepted in society to do so. They are, in short, disposable.

Provided these same people serve some kind of financial benefit to someone else then they’re allowed to keep passing through unnoticed.

But when everyone is eventually out and jovial having been freed from lockdowns and extensive precautions there will always be a good number of people who will not be sharing in the celebrations and elation. They won’t be seen at any parties or cookouts: they weren’t invited.

Such is life for those deemed disposable.

But hey, let’s just end this with a fun happy picture to keep everyone entertained..,

From 2018
Abstract Art

October 7, 1986

Here we have an early work from back when I was still experimenting with various styles. Likely it’s something that never truly stops. It was created with a slightly playful mood trying to produce something noteworthy but never getting overly serious with the subject matter.

It’s certainly not considered masterful or a great technical achievement but it does serve as a milestone for my own artistic progress/evolution.

“Surrealist Explosion At The Teddy Bear’s Pic-Nic”

Photoshop Phun!!

Okay, sometimes I can’t help myself but to get into mischief. Likely some genetic trait yet unexplored.

Give me a perfectly good photo and I’ll find a way to mess with it in the spirit of creativity. After all, there are so many ways to manipulate an image but so little time.

Presented for your review an otherwise harmless statue resting in Prague. Thousands of residents and tourists see it every year – just not this way!

Trust Me, It Was That Way When I Arrived!!!
Abstract Art

Plain Lazy…

While trying to find inspiration for this latest blog post I was stricken with a double dose of both apathy and general lethargy. No word from experts when this dire condition may ease so please accept this humble offering for your review.,,

04 – 2015

Abstract Art


In a never ending quest to discover new creative directions I’ve been known to depart in any number of ways. May I present a prime example –

06 – 2015
Abstract Art

07 – 2018

This piece was a creative departure from what I was doing at the time. Occasionally it’s helpful to stretch the muscles of the imagination and take chances. Overall it look like time well spent.

07 – 2018
Abstract Art


Paul Koskinen (@paulkoskinen) • Instagram photos and videos

Perhaps it was boredom or the need to simply be up to no good but today was the ideal time to explore a little shameless Instagram self-promotion. There’s no way I’m going to pay them or anyone else for efforts that would result in marginal results at best. Besides, I’m a Starving Artist!!

So, in an effort to inject a little extra humor into and otherwise straightforward art blog I posted the following…

Attention: I need to reach 10k followers in 48 hours or they send me back to the salt mines just outside of Narnia. This time they may not be kidding!
In the meantime, here’s a painting-
138 – 2018

It’s been roughly three hours so far and I’ve accumulated 23 “likes” but, alas, no new followers. Guess I’d better get used to creating abstract art in that Salt Mine!

Untitled 138 – 2018