Tree Roots

Time has been occupied with making use of all this terrific painting weather while still trying to keep up with other side pursuits and obligations. I’ve been wrestling with the idea of posting photos of works in progress but that all is similar to posting pics of a half-baked cake. It’s either finished or it’s not.

Here’s a photo taken yesterday during an excursion just as proof that on occasion I do actually lead a life outside the studio.

Tree Roots in Nature
Abstract Art

Day’s End

Stage 1 of the canvas concludes and now requires days to dry.
Abstract Art Photographic

Let The Games Begin!!

Perhaps I’m jumping ahead of myself using that title. My enthusiasm comes from having everything set up and ready for painting tomorrow, all other tasks out of the way and weather conditions predicted that couldn’t be better.

There are a couple of creative ideas rolling around that I’m eager to try so all tools and materials are at the ready.

If my brain is even half functioning by the end of day tomorrow I’ll provide progress photos as proof that the day wasn’t wasted eating nachos and watching realty TV.

Ready and waiting for tomorrow’s first light.
Abstract Art Photographic

Rolling Up The Sleeves

Sometimes investing a little time today can reap benefits for a long time to come. When you’re sure of the rewards to come it makes the initial effort so much easier to carry out. The past couple of days have been just such a case.

While conditions were certainly ideal for artistic pursuits there were matters which required immediate attention so priorities had to be addressed. Fortunately the hours of manual labour applied means an easier time for many months to come. It was time well spent.

Tasks were carried out and completed successfully with a little time left to prepare the room where summer painting is optimal. During the colder months it reverts back into a basically unremarkable living space. Such a preparation effort can be therapeutic when transitioning into full painting mode. With a few more touches in the morning everything will be complete and my own brand of creative chaos can begin.

Let the games begin…

Just one of the nasty characters which had to be dealt with decisively.
Abstract Art

Latest Work!

Just finished this piece and couldn’t hold off releasing it. Certainly the painting is a slight deviation from my usual practices but hey; I’m an Abstract Artist!!

Vaccination #1

36” x 48”

Acrylic on Canvas

Vaccination #1
Abstract Art

Saturday Art

Managed to make use of the ideal conditions today by making progress on the latest piece. It’s tempting to declare the work finished but such a statement can come back to bite anyone.

But here goes nothing anyways…

Rise From Pandemic #3
Abstract Art


Even with a rejection rate well over 90% it seems my art efforts are occasionally experiencing better rewards than most other aspects of life.

A sample of proof arrived only moments ago…

A small break in an otherwise dark time.
Abstract Art Photographic

Gone With The Wind

As much as my best planning and ambition can come into play there’s always the prevailing winds to keep a cap on almost everything.

Today was certainly no difference.

Tools Of The Trade
Abstract Art

Birth Of A Notion

Seeing as how Tuesday is supposed to provide an art-friendly environment it’s about time to start ramping up what has to happen and when. Fortunately, I suppose, there’s been a partially completed canvas in plain sight which I’ve had several opportunities to consider finishing. Until moments ago it was still unclear how.

So in the afternoon I’ll be armed with plenty of supplies and a vision of where the work should go. Barring any unforeseen circumstances there should be a finished painting by the end of the day.

Whether it’s actually a good painting I’ll leave up to the critics to decide.

A painting from last year subjected heavily to various Photoshop processes to create this digital anomaly.
Abstract Art Mild Rant

One Of Those Days

We’ve all had them from time to time; everything lines up right and all signals as “Go” but the motivation to do something about it just never happens. Today was one of those days.

Weather and schedule were to allow for many hours of art creativity and production but little time was actually used taking action. I’d be tempted to chalk it up to any number of non-art variables and likely I’d be at least partially right.

So there I was with waiting canvas and paints but the whole idea of pushing ahead didn’t appeal in the slightest. Eventually very little of the day was occupied doing what I should. Nature won’t be cooperating during the upcoming days so a forced break may actually work out for the better.

If you want the sun then occasionally you have to accept the rain.

The ideal summary of today’s creative efforts.