Art (sort of)

With the colder outdoor temperatures encouraging many to stay in this week it’s time to get caught up a art-related administration duties. There are an overwhelming number of art sites and publications to contact if you aim for a global appeal. It’s a time consuming process given the number of countries and cultures in Europe alone.

Unfortunately we all eventually start to lose focus after numerous hours of non-art activities we’d rather have someone else do. At this point I’m as likely to get into trouble as the next person. The most anyone can ask for is that it’s something productive.

So, I started to look through a selection of photos and wondered what Photoshop could do with them. You know what direction this is headed in…

Took a photo of the bridge at West Montrose, Ontario and explored a few Photoshop options.
Abstract Art


Paul Koskinen (@paulkoskinen) • Instagram photos and videos

Perhaps it was boredom or the need to simply be up to no good but today was the ideal time to explore a little shameless Instagram self-promotion. There’s no way I’m going to pay them or anyone else for efforts that would result in marginal results at best. Besides, I’m a Starving Artist!!

So, in an effort to inject a little extra humor into and otherwise straightforward art blog I posted the following…

Attention: I need to reach 10k followers in 48 hours or they send me back to the salt mines just outside of Narnia. This time they may not be kidding!
In the meantime, here’s a painting-
138 – 2018

It’s been roughly three hours so far and I’ve accumulated 23 “likes” but, alas, no new followers. Guess I’d better get used to creating abstract art in that Salt Mine!

Untitled 138 – 2018