Selfie Time!

I’ve Finally Joined The Ranks Of Vapid & Fragile Egos Who Must Repeatedly Photograph Themselves!


Alright, here we go…

I was waiting to start my duties last night caring for an older couple when, through no fault of my own, the mind started to wander in creative directions to pass the time. Then I had the very unfortunate urge to take a photo of myself as the lighting and angle seemed right at the time.

Preliminary Info: I’m definitely anti-selfie. There are far too many vain people out there dedicating far too much time to taking photos of themselves. The practice almost makes me want to slap the phone out of the hand of the very next devotee.

But, my middle name may have to be changed to “Hypocrisy” since last night I ventured over to the dark side. With both camera and myself poised just right I took a few test pictures for later heavy computer editing.

So we have the final result for now and there will not be a repeat performance for a very long time.

Portrait of an Artist, as an Old Man desperately needing a Haircut