Proof Positive! (almost)

Yesterday’s trip to Edwards Gardens was a resounding success with all the sunshine, fresh air and photographs taken. Some claim that the location is quite small compared to counterparts throughout other parts of the world but I’ll take this local attraction any afternoon of the week.

It was odd roaming about as in recent months, since late 2020, I’ve lost just over a quarter of my overall body weight. Not entirely used to long excursions so the energy level was pushed and I’ll definitely have to do much more during the summer.

So, without further delay, here’s the “proof” of my Sunday activities…

Exhibit 1 – An Early Bloomer Emerges!
Abstract Art

Sundown Today

Given another favourable day for outdoor art and the time was not wasted. Tomorrow should be similar before a colder front moves in but I can’t complain; originally it was thought that all this productivity would have to wait another 3-4 weeks. I’ll just take what I can get as it comes along.

Progress achieved by the end of today’s efforts.
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Okay, perhaps the title is over the top and dramatic but today’s schedule so far has felt close to it.

After fulfilling duties this morning helping an older couple up came the idea of driving downtown on a quest for hidden art supplies not apparent to your average internet user. Hey, some of the best ideas can come out of wandering downtown.

Eventually wound up on Spadina Avenue which is famous for it’s vast selection of practically everything under the sun. Some items can’t be found anywhere else in the city! First stop was “The Collective” where they specialize in spray paint and related materials. If I can’t pour it or throw it I may as well as spray it. Next was “Gwartzman’s” an art supply store I first stepped into 40 years ago. Only minor changes have occurred in that time so it was certainly a trip to the past. They carry anything and everything art related but today I settled for more conventional materials.

Before heading out there was a storefront which read “House of Cannabis”. Needless to say the establishment needed further study purely for “research” purposes. Who would have thought research could be so expensive? To be frank, I believe in thoroughly understanding a subject to it was/is an intensive effort.

There are still a few hours of sunlight remaining to at least get a little painting done. A full day with the canvas is planned tomorrow. Fingers crossed that the warmer days stay with us!

Just a fraction of the many cans acquired during today’s travels.

Monochrome Monday

To cleanse the pallet from all the weekend excitement here’s something slightly more subdued. Still quite artistic but more down to earth.

Garden Flower in Monochrome
Abstract Art

Live: From The Driveway!

That’s right, painting has officially started. While cooler this morning the weather cooperated enough to allow work to start about 90 minutes ago. Just a short post for now and a sample of what this season will bring!

Coming Near You… 01-2021
Abstract Art

Is It Too Early?

I’ve been told that during a couple of days this coming week the weather should be unseasonably warm. For myself this temptation may be far too much to bear. Here it’s a waiting game until the full-time serious painting can resume but that effort isn’t scheduled to start for 6-8 weeks!

The development of imporved temperatures could mean the opportunity to plan and carry out the completion of a piece started originally during the tail end of 2020. Theoretically that would make this the first painting of 2021! Imagine the relief of all those on social media and here who are demanding I cease recycling works from previous years under the banner of “Retrospective”.

It’s worth mentioning that the series of artwork completed during 2020 was given the banner “Borne Of Pandemic” as it’s the threat of the virus and the obvious public struggles that played an influential role. It has been recently decided that everything completed during 2021 will have the new banner “Rise From Pandemic” to convey the slowly growing sense of optimism provided by medical breathroughs and the general public finally learning what basic precations are expected of them. That last point has been harder to learn for some than Grade 12 algebra.

In all likelyhood, if everything works out, I’ll be unable to resist temptation and get back to work for at least that limited time. It’s an opportuinity I’m simply unequiped to say no to. So armed with a well thought out strategy and a small mountain of existing supplies the chances of success are indeed favorable.

I’ll let you know the end result the day it’s completed.

In the mean time, allow me to revert to my ever popular “retrospective” works.

17 – 2020