Your Mental Break Minute

Just for a change of pace and to help everyone’s spirits remain as high as possible now may be as good a time as any to provide an image for us all to gaze at and dream about.

If everyone does their part and keeps a cool head we’ll all see our own version of the ideal place we’d rather be at right now. It can be near or far but if is certainly attainable and within our grasp.

All that said, here’s a slice of Rome during sunnier and lighter days. They will return.

An Elevated and Attractive View of Rome.
Abstract Art

Birth Of A Notion

Seeing as how Tuesday is supposed to provide an art-friendly environment it’s about time to start ramping up what has to happen and when. Fortunately, I suppose, there’s been a partially completed canvas in plain sight which I’ve had several opportunities to consider finishing. Until moments ago it was still unclear how.

So in the afternoon I’ll be armed with plenty of supplies and a vision of where the work should go. Barring any unforeseen circumstances there should be a finished painting by the end of the day.

Whether it’s actually a good painting I’ll leave up to the critics to decide.

A painting from last year subjected heavily to various Photoshop processes to create this digital anomaly.

Weather (or not)

Some people tend to put a whole lot of weight in the effect of weather on mood and perhaps creativity. While there may be some truth to this assumption it’s worth looking further into the weather itself. Bear with me.

Warmer and sunnier climates provide people with more opportunity to do whatever they like whenever they like. Sounds like freedom to me. Without the restrictions placed on so many during the inclement seasons we tend to focus significantly less on those activities we cannot do.

Perhaps the awkward point I’m trying to make is that it’s the presence of opportunity that makes all the difference. I’ve been both highly motivated and lethargic during all the seasons throughout the year. A grey rainy day has little impact overall provided not a whole lot of weight is put into the opinions of “experts”.

But hey, we can all make up our own minds thanks to life experience.

Not a cheerful photo but at least it’s new!!
Abstract Art

Sundown Today

Given another favourable day for outdoor art and the time was not wasted. Tomorrow should be similar before a colder front moves in but I can’t complain; originally it was thought that all this productivity would have to wait another 3-4 weeks. I’ll just take what I can get as it comes along.

Progress achieved by the end of today’s efforts.
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Okay, perhaps the title is over the top and dramatic but today’s schedule so far has felt close to it.

After fulfilling duties this morning helping an older couple up came the idea of driving downtown on a quest for hidden art supplies not apparent to your average internet user. Hey, some of the best ideas can come out of wandering downtown.

Eventually wound up on Spadina Avenue which is famous for it’s vast selection of practically everything under the sun. Some items can’t be found anywhere else in the city! First stop was “The Collective” where they specialize in spray paint and related materials. If I can’t pour it or throw it I may as well as spray it. Next was “Gwartzman’s” an art supply store I first stepped into 40 years ago. Only minor changes have occurred in that time so it was certainly a trip to the past. They carry anything and everything art related but today I settled for more conventional materials.

Before heading out there was a storefront which read “House of Cannabis”. Needless to say the establishment needed further study purely for “research” purposes. Who would have thought research could be so expensive? To be frank, I believe in thoroughly understanding a subject to it was/is an intensive effort.

There are still a few hours of sunlight remaining to at least get a little painting done. A full day with the canvas is planned tomorrow. Fingers crossed that the warmer days stay with us!

Just a fraction of the many cans acquired during today’s travels.
Abstract Art

Flashback Friday

Taking my weekend plans, which includes an intensive search for painting materials, now would be as good a time as any to once again reflect on an effort from just last year. Back when paint was still plentiful and the sun warm.

Two freshly finished pieces (36” x 48” each).
Abstract Art Photographic


Looks like I may have started something that could prove impossible to stop. The previous painting session has me obsessing about a nearly completed canvas and today I may have thought through the ideal steps. Now would be a good time to creatively step back just to be sure this direction is truly the best. After all, you can’t unring a bell.

The weather update today has been getting my hopes up that at least one day this weekend outdoor temperatures will be sufficient for more artistic efforts. Perhaps now would be the best time to practice guarded optimism.

Can’t seem to ease my concerns about the shortage of appropriate paint available on the market. I really should go through everything on hand for a proper perspective and to plan ahead if the need to adapt arises.

Until I’m once again creating something on canvas now would be as good a time as any to provide a sample of Amateur Photoshop.

Original photo taken in bright sunlight but adjusted to create a more evening feel.
Mild Rant Photographic

Sounds of Silence

Seems some folks don’t care or are just plain forgetful…

We’re not out of the woods yet, folks!!
Abstract Art Mild Rant

Day 2 – The Sequel

As planned painting did eventually commence as the schedule allowed. Perhaps the conditions weren’t quite as sunny and warm as previously but there was no way I was going to turn down the opportunity.

Yesterday’s canvas was set aside until the next steps could be thought through. Today’s piece was once again an initial background started late last year. Just like before supplies were hauled outside and the same setup established. The elements didn’t quite spark the same unrestrained enthusiasm, what with the jacket and occasional shivering, but it all goes with the territory in Canada.

Overall the two paintings have progressed in remarkable and surprising ways. New ideas emerged and eventually decisions will have to be made. Each work is distinct and has to be allowed to reach it’s full potential.

Found out something unfortunate tonight; the shortage of pigment and paint production has hit artists even harder than I’d initially thought. Most retailers aren’t even taking orders for when stock arrives. With everything I have on hand there’s still work that can be done but the sooner an order can be placed the better I’ll feel.

Today calls for much the same temperatures but a significant amount of rain which could present a small problem. A hectic schedule beyond my control is the other problem but if there’s a way to work around it all I’ll find it!

I’m told these come in bright colours too!!
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Live: From The Driveway!

That’s right, painting has officially started. While cooler this morning the weather cooperated enough to allow work to start about 90 minutes ago. Just a short post for now and a sample of what this season will bring!

Coming Near You… 01-2021