Still Learning

Now that the required art materials needed to continue my current style have basically disappeared from the marketplace I’ve been further working in the visual medium of photography. Sure, there have been many attempts to alter my style to better suit those supplies still available but the results have been less than inspirational.

So currently I’m photographing any number of subjects which are relatively easy to access and simply trying a slightly different approach to give the viewer something to look at from a fresh viewpoint.

I’m intrigued by the processes which occur after the initial photo has been taken. Small adjustments here and there can make a significant difference to an image; making a good photo into an almost great photo. The tricky part for me is to improve the photograph in such a way that the viewer never detects that anything has been adjusted at all.

The learning curve has been steady but rather slow at times. Progress comes primarily from regular practice using trial and error. I have complete final say as to how the picture will turn out so there’s still plenty of creative control to exercise.

It’s an interesting field that still allows me to remain in the visual arts without have to learn exhaustive amounts of material regarding something I know little about in the first place.

Not meaning to sound like a fossil but my first childhood camera was a Kodak Brownie!

This photo was originally taken in a nature preserve under the brightest afternoon sun. No, that’s not me holding the rather expensive gear. I’m all iPhone photography!

That’s More Like It!

Fortunately yesterday’s unreasonable weather was short lived and now noticeably improved. Still slightly cold for my purposes but that’s scheduled to improve during the coming days do we’ll just have to be content with sunshine.

In a couple days painting should resume but the shortage of supplies has me concerned. We’re trying to gradually work back from the pandemic so I have to take my lumps just like everyone else.

Tried experimenting with different approaches and materials but the results just weren’t all that impressive. Once you work out a way to create something memorable it’s hard to settle for second best.

But they say patience has it’s rewards so I’ll have to simply work away at planning and taking the occasional photo.

A Saturday Morning Surprise!
Abstract Art Photographic

Let The Games Begin!!

Perhaps I’m jumping ahead of myself using that title. My enthusiasm comes from having everything set up and ready for painting tomorrow, all other tasks out of the way and weather conditions predicted that couldn’t be better.

There are a couple of creative ideas rolling around that I’m eager to try so all tools and materials are at the ready.

If my brain is even half functioning by the end of day tomorrow I’ll provide progress photos as proof that the day wasn’t wasted eating nachos and watching realty TV.

Ready and waiting for tomorrow’s first light.

Making Due

Pandemic, shortage of Art Supplies and the lunacy of those around us who question if it’s all real; it’s enough to make any of us turn to blogging as a form of therapy.

I’m of the school where you simply make due with whatever is on hand. It may not be much and require compromise but at least it keeps everything moving forward.

Driveway Repair – Canadian Style … 1001 uses for Duct Tape!!

Abstract Art Uncategorized


Okay, perhaps the title is over the top and dramatic but today’s schedule so far has felt close to it.

After fulfilling duties this morning helping an older couple up came the idea of driving downtown on a quest for hidden art supplies not apparent to your average internet user. Hey, some of the best ideas can come out of wandering downtown.

Eventually wound up on Spadina Avenue which is famous for it’s vast selection of practically everything under the sun. Some items can’t be found anywhere else in the city! First stop was “The Collective” where they specialize in spray paint and related materials. If I can’t pour it or throw it I may as well as spray it. Next was “Gwartzman’s” an art supply store I first stepped into 40 years ago. Only minor changes have occurred in that time so it was certainly a trip to the past. They carry anything and everything art related but today I settled for more conventional materials.

Before heading out there was a storefront which read “House of Cannabis”. Needless to say the establishment needed further study purely for “research” purposes. Who would have thought research could be so expensive? To be frank, I believe in thoroughly understanding a subject to it was/is an intensive effort.

There are still a few hours of sunlight remaining to at least get a little painting done. A full day with the canvas is planned tomorrow. Fingers crossed that the warmer days stay with us!

Just a fraction of the many cans acquired during today’s travels.
Abstract Art

Flashback Friday

Taking my weekend plans, which includes an intensive search for painting materials, now would be as good a time as any to once again reflect on an effort from just last year. Back when paint was still plentiful and the sun warm.

Two freshly finished pieces (36” x 48” each).