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Just Another Day In Pearson International Airport.
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St. Lawrence Market

Rising at dawn on a Saturday morning could mean only one thing: a trip to St. Lawrence Market. Few other reasons could stir me so early but the opportunity to shop for fresh food at this Toronto landmark. The farmer’s market feel to the place certainly beats the generic corporate warehouse-style place otherwise frequented.

Getting there early means less of a crowd getting there and moving about the vast selection of vendors. Missing breakfast to get there early meant I had an excuse to indulge in some of the delicious food there ready to be eaten. In past years I would have shown no restraint but lately the adoption of a calorie-reduced lifestyle has me being more selective. In the end I settled down for a quick “breakfast” of smoked salmon washed down with a double espresso.

The colours and selection can’t be beat and there were hours to take it all in. I’ve provided a few photos as a sample of all there is to offer.

It’s worth noting that amongst the flower vendors the sunflower seems to be incredibly popular and those buying seemed to agree.

Large tables both in the middle of the venue and lining the walls provided an abundance of produce.
Enough bunches of carrots and other vegetables to feed an army.
Fans of the Radish were not forgotten.
Flowers of virtually any kind are always nearby.
The meat counter; one of several where available is anything from bargain cuts to luxurious extremes. I settled for somewhere in the middle.

Your Mental Break Minute

Just for a change of pace and to help everyone’s spirits remain as high as possible now may be as good a time as any to provide an image for us all to gaze at and dream about.

If everyone does their part and keeps a cool head we’ll all see our own version of the ideal place we’d rather be at right now. It can be near or far but if is certainly attainable and within our grasp.

All that said, here’s a slice of Rome during sunnier and lighter days. They will return.

An Elevated and Attractive View of Rome.
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Okay, perhaps the title is over the top and dramatic but today’s schedule so far has felt close to it.

After fulfilling duties this morning helping an older couple up came the idea of driving downtown on a quest for hidden art supplies not apparent to your average internet user. Hey, some of the best ideas can come out of wandering downtown.

Eventually wound up on Spadina Avenue which is famous for it’s vast selection of practically everything under the sun. Some items can’t be found anywhere else in the city! First stop was “The Collective” where they specialize in spray paint and related materials. If I can’t pour it or throw it I may as well as spray it. Next was “Gwartzman’s” an art supply store I first stepped into 40 years ago. Only minor changes have occurred in that time so it was certainly a trip to the past. They carry anything and everything art related but today I settled for more conventional materials.

Before heading out there was a storefront which read “House of Cannabis”. Needless to say the establishment needed further study purely for “research” purposes. Who would have thought research could be so expensive? To be frank, I believe in thoroughly understanding a subject to it was/is an intensive effort.

There are still a few hours of sunlight remaining to at least get a little painting done. A full day with the canvas is planned tomorrow. Fingers crossed that the warmer days stay with us!

Just a fraction of the many cans acquired during today’s travels.

Danube River

Taken where this famous waterway runs through the heart of Budapest, Hungary we are offered a view of the city everyone should see at least once. There is a rich history to be found throughout Budapest just within the architecture and art alone. It is indeed a world you could get lost in for some time.

Danube River on a sunny day!


For those with the time and means for travel I highly recommend an extended trip to Ireland for it’s scenic vistas and rich history. Be assured, you won’t be disappointed!

Imagine having to build that fence!
Scenic calm in the afternoon.
Insert ominous caption here!

The Little Princess

Anyone who has visited Budapest, Hungary or done any research will be very familiar with the city’s fascination with sculpture. You simply cannot travel far without encountering a new piece on public display.

A trip to the shoreline will bring you to several examples enjoyed by a multitude of people every year.

I could get into the entire history of the example provided but a quick Google search will disclose far much more. It’s probably better written as well!

The Little Princess


Trying to keep this post lighter and slightly whimsical so what could be more suitable than a look back on the summer. Here we take a trip to the Royal Botanical Gardens in Glasgow, Scotland.

It was a remarkable opportunity to take photos of so many wonderful species in a variety of colours.

Purple Irises – Glasgow, Scotland

Look Ahead!

It may not be entirely in focus yet and some ways off in the distance but Spring will certainly be here for us all. When the weather is more hospitable I’d like to suggest a walk through the finest public gardens you can travel to. It’s always a day filled with beauty all around and a great break from what we’re experiencing now.


A Flair For The Dramatic

I’ve always tried to stay away from posting images that appear flat and just seem to lay there. One of the first things I do is bump up the contrast ever so slightly. With some images that’s more than enough while others require a more aggressive approach. It seems with the right effort and imagination even the most basic snapshot can be transformed into something remarkable.

The following photograph was originally taken in the bright noon sun…

Cathedral in Prague