Seems almost a waste to simply eat and enjoy our recent Valentines Day dinner. Why not seize the opportunity and take a few quick photos before it’s all gone?

Exhibit “A”

Only The Finest

Today being Valentine’s Day and I trying to live up to the reputation of being a hopeless romantic today had to bring something special. We face extraordinary circumstances so extra points are awarded for creativity and originality. I have modest amounts of both.

Since dining out was completely out of the question the next best thing would be picking up food from the very establishment we would have frequented in the first place. On days like this they are doing brisk business with orders overflowing everywhere.

So we set up our own version of a fine dining experience at our place complete with opera emanating from the nearest iPhone. Paper napkins instead of silk and everyday plates instead of fine china; you get the picture. Overall our dicount experience suited us just fine.

All that remained was putting the iPhone to work before sitting down to eat…

Our Feast!!